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sobre estados de alma e outras insignificâncias... :)



por Lazy Cat

its when u both know why it has ended.there is no more questions to be asked and there isn’t anything left to say. its whereurcomfortable as to how things ended. weather it hurt or not u know the reason and understand it.


Do not worry about closure or what people tell you to feel like. Its just a buzzword. If you never want to see a person again, then dont. If you want to see them again, then do. You will know what to do, and if you make a mistake and see them again when you shouldn't, who cares? It might hurt for a little while, but you will get over it. Life is too short to be burdened by whether or not everyone has the "closure" they want.


Sometimes, I think, this is where I want to be. 

You know you have closure when you can seriously look at him even in the eyes and tell yourself I don't need him anymore and mean it. When you can look at him and not feel what you used to. Feel about him like you would to a stranger.


But, I know this is where I will always be... 

Unconditional love is not what you may think. To love someone unconditionally means you cannot look to the other person to define it in any way. Yet that is what most of us do. Most of us look at the object of our love to define it.

Let me explain. Ask the average person why they love their spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend and they'll say things like, 'Because she is pretty, smart, a good listener, a hard worker, she makes me feel special, and so forth and so on.' This automatically puts conditions on it. He is defining his love based on what the other person is or is not. This is conditional! If those things change so will the love.

This is why it is so easy to 'fall in love' and then fall out of it too. This is not unconditional love.

Most people, when they speak of unconditional love, they speak circumstantially. What they mean is, 'I'll love you no matter what life brings our way'. This is noble and honorable, and something I hope is true. But it is not unconditional, because they are still defining it based on who the other person is or is not.


Unconditional love is defined on you, not the object. If you love someone because you have it in your heart, it won't matter if the other person is smart, makes you feel good, is good looking, or is a hard worker. You'll love that person because your heart is filled with it. This is true unconditional love.


For the unconditional to truly be unconditional, there must be no conditions on which you base your love. The only way to do that is to define it from within you to out, not from someone else to in. It isn't based on how you feel about someone. Feelings are always conditional, because feelings and emotions are products of impact outside stimuli. You won't always feel love, but you can always love.



começo a perceber como é possível amar, de maneiras diferentes e o porquê de se fazer uma distinção entre “amores” ou melhor dizendo, formas de amar. não deixei nem deixarei jamais de Te amar. haverá sempre um lugar no meu coração para uma pessoa que foi a maior e melhor lição da minha vida.Com quem vivi os melhores e piores momentos dos últimos dez anos. Até hoje. Hoje, descobri que é possível encher um copo que já estava cheio. Hoje acredito que será possível Amar, sem medidas, de diferentes maneiras não tendo obrigatoriamente uma delas que colidir com a outra. Obrigada R. 

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No luxury and no comfort, no delight and no pleasure, no new liberty and no new discovery, no praise and no flattery, which we may enjoy on our journey, will mean anything to us if we have forgotten the purpose of our travels, and the end of our labours (Isaiah Berlin)

"If you are lucky enough to find a way of life that you love you have to find the courage to live it."
John Irving