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Summer is gone...


...the days end coldly and shiny water drops lay on the flowers in the morning...the chairs look at the moon from under the porche and lazy blankets wake up on the couch every morning...nature goes back in, slowly...e já cheira a lenha queimada e a canela, fumega o chá nas canecas...alinham-se as abóboras à soleira da porta, as janelas embrulham-se em cortinas pesadas...I wish I could find that perfect house...on that perfect spot...and calmly wait for the winter to arrive, looking at the moon from my bedroom window...



autumn music



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"If you are lucky enough to find a way of life that you love you have to find the courage to live it."
John Irving


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No luxury and no comfort, no delight and no pleasure, no new liberty and no new discovery, no praise and no flattery, which we may enjoy on our journey, will mean anything to us if we have forgotten the purpose of our travels, and the end of our labours (Isaiah Berlin)

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